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ation. Some of these deals comprise the settlement of estate tax liabilities, the transfer of property to beneficiaries, and the determining of the next step in the case of incapacitation. Life insurance, power of attorney, and trusts are among the best ways to plan your estate in these cases.
Can I do my own estate planning?

If you are given clear guidelines as well as accurate advice on the best way to go about estate planning, you can make it happen by writing the essential legal documents to plan your estate. If you’re uncertain about what you should do, it is prudent not create your will.

Does it make sense for an advisor in the field of finance to draft a will

Financial advisors can assist in the accumulation of wealth and also guide you through trusts and wills, if you are considering estate planning. However, it is essential to check everything out with an estate and trust lawyer who can guide you through the process of filing paperwork on wills to assist in properly handling and distributing the wealth.


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