Some Common Types of Dental Emergencies – Metro Dental Care

Smiles Dental Group is able to help you in these instances. As described in the video Here are a few common problems requiring the services of emergency dentists

1. Teethache can be caused by trauma , injuries to the teeth as well as the condition known as bruxism (involuntary teeth grinding), or both.

2. There are many causes of tooth decay.

3. Teeth that have luxated or severely damaged, and require putting back in their proper place.

4. Avulsed teeth, that are actually ripped from their sockets, could be saved if placed in milk before going into the dental office.

5. The infection of the tooth or an abscess requires urgent treatment using medication.

The conditions are treated by emergency dentists in many of ways. Sometimes, fillings are used for treating certain problems. Treatment with a root canal is necessary to treat more severe instances. This is the process of replacing the pulp and extracting a tooth. Dental crowns are placed over the gums, or even bridges made of artificial teeth. Smiles Dental Group can provide all the support you require in the event that you are experiencing an issue with your teeth.


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