Leaving Your Dog at Home During Vacation Is it Safe? – Veterinary Prices

ion. This situation has forced airlines to invent certain areas that allow pets to be on planes. This isn’t an option for all people. They don’t need the anxiety of making their dogs restless to prevent flight stress. Parents of dogs often take their dog to boarding and schools that have an excellent standing in dog grooming. Yet, some prefer to keep their pet in their house to reduce the dog’s potential stress of being kept somewhere new. This video will show you how to ensure your pet is left at the house while you are away. It provides guidelines to ensure they are healthy and safe.

You should meet the new person responsible of your dog prior to you go. It will make your dog feel relaxed and will become more comfortable with each other. Caretaker for your dog should be provided with clear directions on the requirements of your dog. Also, it is a great idea to record solutions to potential problems the caretaker may run into with your pet.


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