How to Read Truck Tire Sizes – Fast Car Video Clips

In case of emergency and routine maintenance in addition to repairs to your vehicle. The video will help you to calculate the dimension of your truck tires and some ways you can make use of this data.

There is metric and flotation measurement of size. Metric is divided into four segments of measurement, including passengers, light trucks temporary trailer and special trailer. If there is no indication on the nature of the tire then you could assume that it’s a passenger.

Section width is the first number. It is measured in millimeters from sidewall to the sidewall. After the dash, the next number represents the aspect ratio. After that, there is there is an “R” is a reference to Radial. The wheel’s size is final.

An aspect ratio is the measurement of the size that a sidewalls of tires are in relation to the length. In the case that the aspect ratio for a 10.4in broad tire equals 50, that signifies that the sidewall is half the width which is 5.4in.

Incorporate the tire’s size to find the measurement of the height.

This guide will help you select the best tire for your vehicle. For more information, please refer to your manual for your vehicle. Click on the link to the video below.


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