Choosing Cremation – Family Issues

The erator will take any metal pieces from the coffin so that they don’t interfere in the cremation apparatus and the procedure. Family members and friends are welcome to join and become part of the ceremony, however, the operator can proceed with the cremation process even should they decide not to.

After all metal elements have been removed from the casket, it is taken to the load station. If the chamber to be cremated is fully heated and ready to go, the casket will be moved gently into the chamber. Some caskets will produce bigger flames than others once they have entered the chamber. The make of the casket influences the size of flames.

The loading arm can be pulled back using a push button. After the chamber door has been shut, temperatures inside the chamber will reach over 800°C.

The chamber process could take anywhere from 15 to 150 minutes to complete. When the chamber is finished, the operator is notified, and then remove the remains. The ash will be sifted through to remove any metal objects including pacemakers, or fillings. Ash that is finer goes to an urn that is left for the family to collect.


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