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Dave Strand became involved with the business of asphalt sealing. Paul was his first love. He was quite young. His seal coating machine was still in use. The sealers were oil-based back then. Paul used to go to Detroit and purchase 100 bags of asphalt sealers. Then he would mix it up with oil, since asphalt sealers cannot be liquidated through water. Paul and Dave would go door-to-door. They would advise homeowners that they needed the driveways to be sealed. Dave ultimately decided to venture out on his own after a few years. For his first year, he went to a local hardware store and bought a sealer in 5 gallon pales. The next year that he purchased a pickup truck. He discovered surface coating businesses that could sell sealers. He didn’t know the right method of dissolving sealer. He made use of water. He used a boat motor for mixing the sealant. The employee would aid him in the process. Paving asphalt isn’t an easy task. It’s difficult starting your own business. Watch this video to get additional information. v7lmemy1pt.

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