How Much Will a Nurse Practitioner Make at an ER? – Financial Magazine

The majority of urgent care facilities are staffed with physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners. Oversaturation in these two jobs in cities could lower the pay for each job within the region and also increase the competition in securing one of the positions.

In the lower end of the scale an hourly wage could range between $35 and $45 an hour. It’s not uncommon. An average hourly salary is between $50 and $65. Higher-end salaries can go up by $75 to an hour.

Mirza advises that when the nurse practitioner is only getting started, they should look into accepting the $50/hour role if offered with no bargaining. Nurse practitioners generally perform 12 hour shifts. Part-time employment is available to newly-qualified nurses in different clinics on weekends in order to increase the amount they earn annually. Nurse practitioners with more years of experience may be able to negotiate better salaries. j5sndadd1t.

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