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Legionella bacteria is the culprit behind Legionnaires the disease. This disease can strike anytime of the time of the year. However, more cases have been observed at the end of the summer and the fall. Sometimes, it can be hard to determine the cause of this disease since the symptoms can look exactly like other forms of pneumonia. There are many signs of this illness, including a severe fever, cough and chills. Some people might have headaches and muscle aches as well.

Symptoms generally manifest between two and 14 days after infection. The disease of Legionnaire’s can be extremely dangerous, and can be fatal anywhere between 5 and 30 percent of cases. It is usually treatable with antibiotics. The bacteria responsible for the condition can be discovered in nature which are typically humid. It grows best in warm water, such as those that are found in cooling towers, hot tubs, hot tanks components of HVAC systems and large plumbing equipment. Legionella can cause the sickness in those breathing in contaminated vapor. kiq892vgs6.

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