How to Properly Turn a Zero-Turn Mower – Chester County Homes

s are well worth it when you find great deal on a mower package. It is the ideal combination of speed and maneuverability to do the job quickly and efficiently. The best thing about a zero-turner is the capability to change direction at a moment’s notice. This could be a problem in the event that the user isn’t adept with turning. People often overuse the zero-turn capability and cause damage to their lawns. This video will show you how to stay clear of this mistake.

The most commonly made mistake when using zero-turn is that you turn too fast at the point where you are at the end of the mowing line. This puts a lot of force on when the inside of the wheel is pressed against the ground. This friction often results in tears in the grass. This can result in unhappy clients or your. This mistake, fortunately, can be easily avoided. You should take the curve slower and less sharply when you reach the end of the line. The friction will be distributed over a greater area of grass and for a longer time. The result will be the most beautiful lawn.


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