Why Should You Send Your Child to a Catholic School? – Web Lib

The ges and how Catholics are able to promote the schools to help students become close to God. Mary Park talks about catholic school’s benefits when she speaks to. The research shows that 100% of the students attending catholic schools complete high school with up to 86% of them are accepted into the college of their choice. She argues that Catholic schools help kids become holistically shaped, by integrating their faith, moral as well as intellectual development.

She speaks of the inability to generate adequate financial income as one of the major challenges experienced by catholic schools. As one of the administrators she knows the struggles trying to assist schools in finding different sources of funding that help the schools in achieving their missions. In addition, financial limitations can cause a problem in providing tools and instruction that are adequate for students with different requirements. To encourage catholic classical education and to draw more students to the Catholic Church She encourages Catholics to give their children an education in the sciences from the beginning by inducing them to think and equipping them with the truth.


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