Is Telehealth Covered By Insurance? – Insurance Claim Process

esource that saves thousands of lives annually. The modern practices have advanced dramatically so that this type of medicine a well-known option for an effective treatment. The question is what medical insurance coverage is available. This video will explain telehealth coverage by health insurance companies.

Telehealth services are provided in between 70% to 90% of the major insurance providers. The option is easy as well as cost effective compared with the out-patient and in-patient options. This is dependent on what the policy stipulates. Some firms offer digital protection exclusively, while others offer audio and in-person additions. 42 of the fifty U.S. states have provisions for mental health telemedicine services as well as specifying the conditions and terms for the use of these services. Telehealth is an ideal solution for those with limitations in mobility and can be a source for those who do have the access to a local health center. Telehealth is time-saving, cost-effective and decreases the risk of transporting an elderly person.


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