A Step-By- Step Guide to Outdoor Air Conditioning Installation – Family Issues


An outdoor air conditioner could become difficult, especially for those who aren’t an expert on the subject. The best option is to get help from a professional in setting up your unit and ensure it operates efficiently if you don’t have the knowledge of air conditioning installation.

Prior to the AC is set up, it is important to ensure it is installed AC is at least 12 inches away from the wall. An antenna expert must ensure that the unit isn’t within 10 feet. The basis of the unit requires a concrete base with a higher elevation than the ground. Installing a foundation that is solid is crucial since the surface of the ground can alter after a period of period of time. In order to avoid water puddles underneath the condenser you must increase the height of the area.

The exact location of the air conditioning unit follows. Rubber pads or cushions can be used to anchor the air conditioning system’s exterior against concrete. They will hold the unit to its place and help reduce the vibration. The technician must verify the wiring inside prior to connecting the internal cable with the external device through the hole drilled into the wall.

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