An Efficient DIY Garage Storage Solution – DIY Projects for Home

It’s a messy, chaotic space that is chaotic and unorganized. You can instead try finding the garage storage solution that maximizes the vertical space available. Most garages at home have tall ceilings, but unless you create a strategy to utilize all the vertical space in a way that is efficient it will be difficult to stack things high enough that they can be filled.

In this video, the host discusses a simple DIY garage storage solution using hanging totes on the ceiling. The racks he creates are perfect for the size of the totes that he is able to purchase. They are constructed of wood and pine boards which can be cut to length of the totes. They are then screwed to the ceiling in your garage. They slide across the racks quickly and be hung securely.

When installing hang tote racks make sure you consider your garage doors. Don’t try to hinder the garage door’s movement, so make sure the racks are not installed too close or hanging over the door. jrawnr3467.

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