A Car and House Checklist Before Vacation – Naples Travel Agency

20. Remove Construction Materials

If your house is stage of being renovated Be sure that all building components like construction scaffolding wires, exposed wiring, piles of building materials, and other hazards that might be present are put out of the way before going on vacation. Don’t wish to be able to come back to find accidents at home. house, so be prepared for safety even when you are leaving for your holiday.

21. Unplug Appliances

Before you leave for vacation Make sure to unplug every appliance, such as hoverboards, small heaters and the like. It can reduce the risk of fires, and also help in reducing electricity bills while you go on an extended vacation!

22. Make sure you mow your lawn

Do not want to walk back to a lawn with a weedy lawn, or a driveway covered in snow. Before you leave for your vacation whether it’s short or long-term, make sure to take time to keep your lawn mowed and maintained before you leave. By doing this, you can avoid the burden of having to complete this maintenance on your exterior upon returning from your vacation.

23. 23.

Prior to your trip be sure to secure your garage. Criminals know that garages are the entry point into your house. Fix any problems you may be facing with your garage you can, for example, damaged locks, or a door to your garage that doesn’t open to the fullest extent.

24. Make sure to keep your mail

If you’re going on vacation some post offices will offer the option of storing your mail. It helps you save time and helps to prevent theft of mail while your away.

25. Do not Post on Social Media

There is a temptation to share your trip on social media. 7a3ohxqedv.

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