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Technology Is Your Ally

With the help of GPS tracking my kid and my home security camera’s I quickly discovered that technology can be an enormous help in childcare even when at home in summer. My phone could complete all of my activity and plan my schedule as I preferred to do it without a calendar. I kept an eye on all of my happenings as well as give them out to my husband and other people in order to make it easier for them to manage our calendars. Also, it was helpful that I was able to quickly create my schedule for the day at a minute’s notice and plan events like driveway paver team or moving crew.

Take Your Time

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that planning for childcare is also taking care of yourself. It’s true, it can be difficult staying at home with children, particularly when you need to organize each day and keep the house orderly. When I had the opportunity, I made a plan to take some “me” time. Therefore, I decided to hire a babysitter to watch my little girl for one hour while my boys are at the YMCA. In the evening, I’d have a few “me” things like getting a massage or getting my nails painted. You could also take a little shopping trip. It takes a village to make it work. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help. As moms, we often feel that having other people help with the children means our mothers aren’t good enough. It’s a sign we’re human and need to. Make sure to make time for yourself, and also allow your self some time to unwind in a comfortable environment, unwind, and recover after a tiring day and working hard. Make sure to exercise conscious thinking. Let yourself be aware that you’re doing a great job.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to provide childcare for your children during the summer months.

This summer, I have discovered so many things about the care I give my children. My most memorable lesson? exywojaskp.

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