15 Top Home Renovation Trends to Avoid – Find Video Store Shopping Video

Shades made from fabric that is lightweight, like linen or cotton. These shades will add an elegant and contemporary look to your windows but won’t overpower the decor.
11. Rustic Window Shutters

Everyone loves a rustic house, however it comes to a point when you have to upgrade shutters in your windows rather than simply painting the shutters. The biggest trend in house renovations is rustic window shutters.

Although they appear nice in the beginning the rustic shutters quickly get worn out and become unattractive after just a few years. Modern window treatments will improve the look of your property, but aid in increasing its value.

It is worth considering replacing your shutters by sturdy materials like vinyl, aluminum, or composites. You can be sure that your windows will look beautiful for many years.

12. The front door is brightly painted

Doors and windows are the soul of the home this is the reason you must never opt for a timeless shade when picking a color to paint your door’s front. Don’t choose brightly-painted entrance doors to your house.

The bright colors of doors could distract you from the exterior of the home and can make it difficult to blend in. Choose neutral shades including brown, gray and tan that match the design of your house. This can create a uniform appearance as well as increase the worth of your property. If your house is part of an HOA it may have rules on paint colors you can use for the front of your door. It is important to consult the rules with them prior before beginning painting.

13. Dark Wall Paint

Do not choose dark walls while remodeling your house. Though dark walls might appear trendy and stylish but they could be overwhelming making a room appear more crowded than it appears to be.

When selecting wall colors for your home, opt for lighter or neutral hues that make your room seem more open and brighter.


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