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Schools that receive funding from taxation and the state and private schools relate to ones that operate with the money they receive from their own sources, as well as tuition fees that parents pay for their children to attend. That means private schools don’t have to follow the same guidelines and rules as public schools.

According to the federal government estimates, about 10 percent of students attend private schools. This is roughly 5.1 million children. In a report from 2016, around 76 percent of these institutions hold a religious affiliation. That means, although they might not be operating under all of the government’s guidelines, they operate under the doctrines of their religion that could result in restrictions on clothing, appearance, language and so on.

Additionally, it’s important to be aware that these schools are dominated by white pupils, with students of non-white ethnicity being about 10 percent of the total students at private schools.

For additional information about the difference between private and public schools check out the accompanying video.


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