What Does an Antitrust Lawyer Do? – What Is Legal Advice

There is a greater chance to provide excellent services at competitive prices. In some cases, however the markets might not work in a proper manner due to price fixing, a lack of competition, and other concerns. This is where an antitrust lawyer or lawyer is needed.

There are times when you hear of antitrust attorneys who are working on cases with large mergers. Sometimes, government officials might try to stop the proposed merger, in order to keep it from creating unfair markets. For example the government could block the merger of two major airlines.

Practically, antitrust proceedings involve a lot more than the usual mergers. For example, some companies may conspire to raise costs. Two grocery store chains might work together to increase prices , even if they’re serving one town. The residents could be forced to pay more for food as they’re left with no other options.

But, the majority of mergers are blocked unfairly or companies get falsely accused of unconstitutional conduct. Fortunately, antitrust lawyers can frequently provide assistance for companies facing competition and antitrust issues.


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