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the eds that need to be changed The entire process can look daunting. It’s a big job that can prove costly. If you’re in search of roofing contractors in Columbia SC, you might like to know what the asphalt shingle roof replacement cost per square feet. It’s about $2 – $5.50 per square foot, depending on what kind of roofing shingles you choose as well as the location you reside in.

For a rough estimate of the cost of asphalt shingles per square foot for your location, you can use an online calculator. It is important to factor labor costs into the price of installing a new roofing. It is more expensive to hire labor in areas with high population. If you’re located in a rural region, you may be paying for an end that is lower than typical cost.

The asphalt shingles price per square foot may not seem at all, but you must figure out how many square feet you have the roof. If you’ve got multiple stories, the answer may differ depending on the size of your house. By using a cost calculator, it is possible to consider a number factors that determine the price. Be quick when it’s the time to upgrade your roofing.


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