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Maintaining your vehicle can be regular routine by applying clear film to areas of the car’s body that are susceptible to damage or cuts. It is often applied to the vehicle’s front to guard it against dirt, insects, rocks and dust. In addition, you can apply it for other places on the vehicle, for instance those with rocker panels as well as the door handle area, where the paint may deteriorate.

Its 3M Protective Coating Vinyl Film features a polyurethane six millimeter thick layer to prevent scratching, chipping, and various other forms of road damage from destroying the paint. It is also unnoticeable after its installation. The polyurethane film measures 60 by 3 inches provided in the Xpel Clear Universal Paint Protection Film Kit to shield the jambs of doors’ interiors. The kit also includes a scraper made of plastic for smoothing the film.

The VViViD clear protection for paint Vinyl film is completely transparent and can provide eight-millimeter thickness of protection to your car. It assists in reducing scratches, paint chips or road debris. The film is almost invisible when it’s properly placed.


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