What You Should Know About Mediating a Divorce – Life Cover Guide

Here are some things that you must know about mediation and divorce.

We’ll start by discussing the role of a mediator. Mediators assist you and your soon-to be ex-spouse to bring your divorce to a conclusion, without having to submit it to the court.

Before visiting a mediator make sure you have organized and prepared every aspect. Set out the issues to be resolved and consider all the queries that have to be resolved. Then, you might have to consider things like child care and assets division. The most important questions to ask are “Are you selling your house or holding it?” What’s your parenting plan? What are the custody agreements? And so on.

It is crucial to be prepared before you visit an mediator. The mediator will require you to prepare for the appointment and be well-informed. If you’re not sure which items you’ll have to take anything with you to your mediating appointment, give your mediator a phone call before the scheduled time to inquire.

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