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Demonstration and programming.” FPGA stands for Field Programmable Gate Array. The DE2-115 device forms part of this FPGA. FPGA devices can be programmed with specific functions to manage the various computer systems. This could include the creation of an embedded application, to controlling autonomous robots using computers.

The Altera DE2-115 card is an adapter board which users are able to connect to a computer system. It is capable of simultaneously showing several video streams. It’s a great option for systems that have many sources of video. The card has the capacity to hold flash cards, which can store files and other data.

Furthermore, users utilize the altera board to carry out hardware and software-based applications, allowing the user to program the board using an underlying computer programming language. It is an example of the way FPGAs could significantly alter the way people interact with computers.

As a result, they employ the Altera board to control computers to accomplish a particular job. Altera boards can be utilized for creating applications to manage the computer and display.


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