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The lips are then nailed to help give them an elongated look. According to ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) there are more than three million people in the US receive lip augmentation each year. There are many who question the procedure of lip filling. In reality, it’s the fastest procedure and takes less than twenty minutes. It’s as easy as this:

First, the doctor must ensure that the they have done their lip fillings correctly. Many patients are nervous when they are having their lips filled. In the words of the narration in the clip, when lips have been injected, their size increases around 20% but the patient can lessen inflammation through the application of cold. This information is important for patients to understand to make sure they do not mistake it for an abnormality.

Next, anesthetic cream is placed on the skin to prevent any discomfort.

Final step: inject the filling solution on both the lips, both lower and upper. According to the storyteller, people suffering from sore lips could use paracetamol for calming the symptoms. 4o1scq6zmr.

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