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urnace. If it is installed too close, it may produce harmful gases from the furnace and into your home. Installing an alarm to spot venting problems in furnaces as well as core appliances in your basement will ensure the safety of your family. To ensure the safety of your family members take care to check the maintenance of your furnace frequently.

Get the most value from the basement’s Natural Light

One of the tips for renovating a basement you may already know is to add artificial light. Imagine that your basement is higher than the it’s level. The option is to either put in new windows or enlarge windows already installed. In the event that this isn’t possible, you may consider digging window wells. Window wells may cause more water issues. Make sure that they are covered with waterproof material.

In the event of an emergency, windows that are larger can offer alternative exit routes in case there are fires. Certain homeowners feel that basement windows can provide burglars with easy access into your home. Glass bricks can be installed on exposed surfaces to limit the chance of burglary. Leverage the impact of regular windows by placing them into the walls in the interior between spaces that allow natural light into your basement.



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