Kids Experience Horrific Encounter With Armed Robbers – Entertainment Videos

deo disturbing. We’ve warned you. We think it is a bit absurd that our children would be taken away from the house. This is an extremely very rare incident. Although it is possible, it’s rare. This video demonstrates an instance of a robbery armed that occurred at the most difficult time. It was when children were home alone while the parents were at work. Everything was tracked by their home security system.

As they were negotiating, children were forced to lie on the floor while the criminals search for treasures. The problem is that they’re having difficulty opening the safe for guns. Girls grab the girl’s hair and later take her to the safe. The result is the charge of assault. Once they’re caught and convicted, they will need to post bail for attack.

The parents received an alert via their mobile phone by their security systems during the confrontation. They confronted the burglars distantly. They yelled at them to depart and then explained that police will be there soon as well as that neighbors are at home.


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