Which Pool is Best For You? – Boston Equator

Pools are an excellent way to kick back and unwind following a hectic day. It is also an excellent option to boost the value of your house. In fact, could have the pool of your dreams. In this video you’ll learn more about the various types of pools. There are three kinds: vinyl, concrete and fiberglass.

The first type of pool we will discuss in this video is vinyl. They are affordable and come in numerous varieties. It is possible to build them in any shape that you want. They aren’t very durable. They are also slippery , and they can quickly lose heat.

Another option is concrete pools. Concrete pools are also available in many shapes and sizes. There are some downsides to them. They’re expensive and do not perform well when used with salt. They are however, better over vinyl.

The third kind of swimming pool is the one made of fiberglass. They are available in smaller dimensions and shapes. They’re extremely durable and heat resistant. They are a good choice for your home.


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