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Ariel Aaron Watson explains the main two types of lawsuits they take on: negligence and intentional tort.

A case of negligence occurs in which you are hurt by someone else’s fault. The defendant didn’t intend to cause it. The culprit was just careless or, to use some more technical terms, negligent. Lawyer Aaron Watson went ahead to give the example of a dog bite that is the result of a dog owner that was not able to manage their dog.

In the next section, he outlined the cases of intentional tort as ones where the defendant has a deliberate intention in order to cause injury to your person; this includes an individual who threatens you with a punch or driving into your car with a backwards angle.

Lawyer Aaron Watson then further explains the difference between a personal injury lawyer and a is a civil attorney, in contrast to criminal lawyers. Civil lawyers focus on money damage to make sure you are an amount of money for what you’ve gone through. They won’t only look over assets, but also consider the evidence and damage to support your claim.

He concludes by saying that according to the law, if you are permanently injured, you are entitled to compensation for medical expenses for pain and loss damages and lost wages. qtntbf4pz6.

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