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It’s crucial to exercise caution and avoid being scammed by dishonest repair experts for collisions. These are the most common auto repairs scams for bodywork that you must be aware of so that you can avoid frauds involving collision repair and towing.
1. Filter clogged with air Assume you’re bringing your car in for repairs or routine maintenance. While you’re waiting, your mechanic shows up to inform you that your air filter is in need of being replaced. The mechanic’s hands are covered with air filter that is dirty on his hands. This is a fraud. You could end up with it. Watch your mechanic clean the old filter from the car prior to it being replaced.

2. Factory parts swap This is one of the more common auto repair shop scam where a mechanic offers to repair and replace missing or damaged components on your vehicle with genuine factory-made parts. However, the mechanic substitutes these parts for common parts, without you noticing. The customer is not just ripped off of the cost-effective OEM parts, but are also given generic parts you can’t really count on. Make sure to verify the service you’re getting.

3. Airbags that are not properly replaced. It is likely to cost much to replace airbags that are already put in place. Auto shops can employ some very unusual techniques to fix the issue. This puts you at risk in the event that you’re in an collision.

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