What is a Mochi Donut? – Family Magazine

It’s a mix of mochi from Japan as well as an American donut. The donut first appeared in Hawaii and it is quickly spreading across the entire U.S. They are very much in demand.

It is a must to try them in case you’re not already. Donuts that are similar to American donuts however they are very different. The sweet treat will delight your sweet tooth. This video demonstrates how donuts are made by making the batter before the frying process, and then you can watch the process as donuts are coated.

It’s a great, fast-paced video that is visually appealing. Anyone that enjoys watching the process of making videos will love this video. Watch the step-by step procedure of how the batter gets made and goes through the process to completion. Get an exclusive look behind-the scenes of what will become an iconic American dessert and will be able to tell your friends about it. You can watch the video to see how mochi donuts are made.


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