Here are the Most Important Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Manual Wheelchair – Kenya Society of Physiotherapists

The rear wheels on manual wheelchairs enable the person to move themselves giving the caregiver the ability to drive the wheelchair. They are ideal for indoor as well as outdoor.

If you are buying a manual wheelchair, pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Chair weight
2. Dimensions of an accessible wheelchair

There are two aspects you should know about the armrest.

1. An armrest that has a flip-up or retractable back
2. Longer or full-length Full-length or longer. shorter or desk-length

The majority of wheelchairs are able to be folded. They can be placed in a trunk, car or even a closet, they’re compact enough for them to fit inside. You can remove all of the legs ‘ rests. There’s a hook-on and a hook-off system. You can make them to accommodate short and long legs.

The Comfort
1. It is recommended to have an additional cushion as well as a back.
2. For your safety make sure you use an anti-tipping belt.
3. It is also possible to utilize a reclining seat when you’re looking to rest.
4. Cupholders and backpacks to fit wheelchairs.

There are three types of manual wheelchairs.
1. Good – super economical although it’s heavy.
2. Better – it’s elegant and customizable to virtually each section to meet your needs.
3. It’s the best – it’s extremely light and has an ergonomic back and seat. s924ws2swi.

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