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Joseph J. Allen O.D. FAAO, creator of the Doctor Eye Health YouTube Channel analyzes double vision.

Strabismus is the natural turning of your eyes one direction or in another. It is perhaps the most famous type of the condition known as strabismus. It can be worsened in people who are tired. Strabismus can usually be managed using glasses or contact lenses, the use of vision therapy, and occasionally, surgical intervention.

The second most common reason for double vision is thyroid disease. The cause is your immune system. Your body’s cells can be able to attack your eyes. This causes the eye muscles to expand. The affected individuals may look angry or look squinted eyed. The condition of the thyroid eye can generally be treated with oral medication Sometimes, however, surgery may be required.

Another reason for having double vision is myasthenia gravis. It’s another issue related to the immune system. Neurotransmitters play a crucial role in the communication between muscles and nerves. A condition that causes problems regarding this connection. Myasthenia gravis may progress to the point that people can’t swallow or breathe. Treatment is with medications as well as physical therapy. Sometimes, it’s surgical intervention.

Muscular dystrophy is yet another condition that causes double vision. There’s no cure for this condition, however there are ways to make your life easier.

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