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You may have been faced with the option of offering 24/7 health care at a hospital or caring for your loved family members at home. There are many home-health companies which provide 24-hour care. The 24-hour service is non-stop and is not like live-in service. Caregiver who is live-in has to be able to take charge of their needs while “on the clock.” Numerous personal caregivers are on hand to assist your loved one anytime. With round-the-clock care every possible risky event is much more likely to be caught and handled efficiently and could even extend the life of your loved one. If the person you love dearly requires hospice or palliative care and care, they will not be neglected — someone is always there to help them during this challenging time and help them manage the pain. There are nurses at home to manage their injuries as well as all prescriptions. g3s38s9hiv.

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