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Are a wonderful option to distinguish distinct fire departments.

Each custom patch tells a narrative
As a designer of custom patches with more than 20 years knowledge, you’d believe that we’ve seen all that there is to observe with regards to patches. But the truth is that there are still custom patch design ideas that amaze us until today.

That’s the appeal and appeal of custom-made products including embroidered patches. These patches can be used for a celebration of an individual an entire group or organization. We’ve seen firsthand the positive influence that custom patches have on a station.

It comes down to building trust, celebrating team identity in addition to fostering camaraderie. Just like a military unit patch, firefighter patches serve as an expression of respect and pride. Earning the right to wear a station’s fire department patch in your gear for bunkering is no easy feat, but it’s worth it.

In the case of firefighters or new cadets, fire department patches are an ideal way to introduce new members to the group as well as making them feel familiar. They are a way to unite the entire team and makes new members feel they belong to the team as soon as they join.

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